Spring Breeze Community Association

A Community of 131 Townhomes
Early Spring Way & Sea Shadow, Columbia, Maryland 21046

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Updated February 6, 2019


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2018/2019 Spring Breeze Board of Directors

President: Ron Vance
Vice-President: Chuck Clark
Treasurer: Terry Storms
Secretary: Linda Southworth
Gigi Arnone
Bob Colbert
Anne Johnson
Elizabeth Klunk
Gail Riley

2019 Spring Breeze Operating Budget-Approved

Spring Breeze Board Meetings

Next Meeting Date:

Tuesday, February 26

Howard County Library
Branch: East Columbia
Room: Clifton Meeting Room B (w/sink),
6600 Cradlerock Way Columbia MD 21045

7:00 - 8:45 PM

October Board Meeting Minutes-Approved

September Board Meeting Minutes-Approved

August Board Meeting Minutes-Approved

Springbreeze Newsletters
October 2018

Hose Bib Winter Maintenance
Properly preparing your hose bib involves turning off the water at the shutoff valve, opening the spigot and leaving it open all winter to prevent burst hose bib pipes.
1. Disconnect Hoses from the Hose Bib
Disconnect all the hoses, sprinklers and other water using items from all of the hose bibs prior to the first frost of the winter season.  Make sure those items are completely drained of water and properly stored to prevent damage.
2. Locate the Hose Bib Shutoff Valves
Locate all of the indoor shutoff valves for the hose bibs and turn the handles to the off position.  Each hose bib has its own shutoff valve.
3. Open all the Spigots
Lastly, open all the hose bibs to let the water drain from the water supply lines.  Leave the bibs OPEN during winter to allow any water that may seep into the bib to drain.

SBCA Management Services provided by Tidewater Property Management

2018/2019 Howard County School Dates

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Schedule, Alpha Ridge Landfill

SBCA Community Information

Currently Approved House Colors
Original House Colors (McCormick Paint)
Kings Contrivance Architectural Guidelines
Detailed Recycling List
2018 Holiday Trash Slide Schedule

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Howard County Government & Kings Contrivance Association Information

Howard Co. Recycle Information
Howard Co. Bulk Item & Scrap Metal Collection
How to Dispose/Recycle Anything
Howard County Animal Control Website
Howard County Government Phone Directory
Report a Burned out Streetlight

Many homes in Spring Breeze have one or more wood burning fireplaces.  
Proper maintenance will insure their safe operation.  Chimney fires are a real possibility
and such a fire in a house on Sea Shadow in 2016 destroyed the fireplace
but fortunately did no other damage.  Regular cleaning and inspection
of the firebox and chimney are the keys to safe wood burning.
For more information, click HERE.